Hi guys. Again, I apologize for the total neglect of this blog but thanks to the people who haven’t unfollowed. 
One of my first posts had to do with the possibility of the park being haunted, and I have another interesting one for you guys.
I was visiting my favorite place in the park yesterday afternoon: the old Coliseum Ballroom. I was walking around inside all alone, taking pictures on my phone considering the fact that I didn’t bring my camera, and I noticed two strange things that showed up in this picture. The bottom circle is around something I at first tried to debunk as some sort of reflection off of the floor, but as we all know, reflections aren’t three-dimensional. So whatever that is, it’s clearly unexplainable. 
The top circle on the ceiling is what really interests me and gives me shivers at the same time.
If you zoom in very closely, you can clearly see two faces turned inward towards each other. They almost look skeletal, and the one on the left looks as though it might be smiling. And as I looked at the photo on my phone, I heard footsteps across the floor. When I looked up, expecting to see an employee walking through,  no one was there.
Perhaps it may be some guests who decided to hang around a little while longer after one of the many dances of yesteryear? Who knows. All I know is that I can’t debunk this one and I’m leaving it open to interpretation.

Guys, only 2 days left. Barely. 2 DAYS.

I’ll be up at the Point bright and early for the opening day ceremony, who all will I see there? :)


Cedar Point - Shoot the Rapids at Night by andrewb94 on Flickr.

Here We Come Summer 2012!

Best picture ever. <3
Best damn fries on earth.

Cedar Point

cedar point



Cedar Fair has a new marketing company, here are the first examples of their work. I like it.

Awww yeah.

Looks like someone’s been driving down the main midway on this snowy afternoon

Magnum XL-200


the view from the top of the Dragster at Cedar Point :/

I was at Cedar Point a couple days after opening day this past season and the park looked exactly like this. It was soooo cool! The fog made all the rides look unusually larger than usual and the beach in the fog was like a movie!
May 12, get here faster!